Before the start of the first appointment we will request that you complete a Medical History Questionnaire and Contact Details information.

If you have any current X-rays and referrals/letters from your dentist please send them to the centre a few days before your appointment. If this is not possible please bring them with you to the first appointment. New patients can book an appointment directly with Dr Sanders, at our centre. You do not require a referral. However, many dentists may provide you with a referral to help provide more information and an integrated approach to your dental care.

For some patients the availability of x-rays at the first visit can assist with the assessment of their malocclusion. Our receptionist can discuss with you whether it is appropriate for x-rays to be taken, which x-rays are recommended and assist you with a referral to have these taken at a convenient location.

Your initial consultation appointment will require one or possibly two visits to our centre. For minors, we encourage parents / guardians to attend these appointments.

The consultation appointment may take a ½ hour. During which the following is most likely to occur:

First Appointment

A Examination

During your appointment Dr Sanders will undertake a comprehensive examination of your mouth to diagnose any problems. The examination will include:

  • Clinical examination
  • Radiographic (X-ray) Assessment

B Diagnostic Records

Diagnostic records may include some or all of the following: intra and extraoral photos, impressions for study models, OPG and Lateral Ceph radiographs and a diagnostic set up. These records provide an initial impression of not only the malocclusion but also facial proportions, aesthetics and balance, occlusal and skeletal relationships. These records are used as a diagnostic tool to determine an individuals treatment needs.

C Treatment Planning

Dr Sanders and staff will discuss with you any of your concerns / problems which you may have regarding orthodontic treatment. This provides us with an opportunity to get to know you and what you would like to accomplish through your orthodontic treatment. You will be encouraged to ask questions and clarify issues and be active in the treatment choice that will best suit your needs.

Dr Sanders may schedule you for a second consultation if needed to further develop an individual Treatment Plan to ensure a beautiful smile. Included in this plan will be:

  • Type of orthodontic treatment recommended,
  • Estimated treatment time,
  • Type of appliances recommended see Appliances,
  • A written quotation highlighting what is/is not included in the cost of treatment.
  • Proposed payment options.

When additional consultation appointments are required, no extra charge is incurred for these visits.

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